Thursday, December 06, 2007

Got this in my email this morning during my usual coffee fix. Super funny anecdote from Kuya Niel. I couldn't help but think about it. This is a joke about the Peninsula Siege last Thursday. Cant believe they could pull out a joke just like this for it.

Laugh aloud guys.

NISA declassifies Intel Info so the public may know.


1) Not even his mother joined them
2) Oakwood had a better lobby
3) CNN was not there to cover it (I know this is a joke but CNN did cover it)
4) The hotel had run out of halo-halo
5) The APC's were parked in the lobby and not the parking lot
6) Trillianes realized being teargassed was not part of his mandate as senator.
7) Guingona thought it was an anti-Erap, or pro-Erap pardon rally, whatever...
8) Surrender was better than the company of Fr. Robert Reyes.
9) Trillianes noticed people were crying not because of the tear gas but because of him
10) Even GMA was beginning to look better the longer they stayed


1) They were only gonna stay for a 'short time' anyway
2) Free parking at Victoria Court
3) They could have wet the towels in the jacuzzi to combat tear gas
4) There are no wedding receptions in Victoria Court. (only honeymoons)
5) It always has more people than Manila Pen
6) The APC won't know which garage to park in
7) The ceiling mirrors would have thrown off the raiding party.
8) ABS-CBN could have done an episode of XXX and The Buzz while covering the coup
9) "What happens in Victoria Court stays in Victoria court"
10) It's a better place to get screwed


But seriously, thinking about what Trillanes did is one big laughingstock. That thing he pulled last week will make the other countries think of us downright funny, and our leaders a big joke. Imagine him, a senator, humiliated in front of the world. Really, that is what you voted for? Shocking. tsk tsk tsk.

I can only see Professor Trillana's humor coming already. Too bad I'm not in his class anymore. Because even though we all sort of wanted to "die" at PolDy, I am still amused in his antics and views about the Philippine politics.


For all I know, this country has a lot of potential to become big, but then we screw it all up. Remember the Desperate Housewives' sarcasm towards our doctors? We all fought for our medical practitioners and made ABC apologize and stuff, but we couldn't even eliminate what we call "University of Recto". I mean, for a thousand and a half pesos, you could already have a fake diploma with a seal, tower high grades in a transcript and everything they could do fake. I think the Americans got that notion about us through Recto. I mean, there's piracy, and there's being straightforward fake. There's idolizing, and there's being a huge copycat.


I have this friend who wanted to go overseas to work. He said he's planning to go to Australia and earn big bucks. Sadly, he would have to work in an upholstery shop. Imagine my shock after hearing it from a college graduate in one of the known schools in the Philippines, just because he's getting a measly pay. I have nothing against working abroad. My father is a Seaman and he earns more than any regular employee in the Philippines, though he graduated as a Marine Engineer and he still practiced it but I find some a waste of talent for the people who have graduated in their own field.


I'm so proud of Hon and his friends. They're trying to set up a company where they will build, design and maintain corporate websites. Hope they'd do good on it. He said I could also contribute if they needed a copy editor or someone who would do proofs. I was maybe thinking freelance writing since Maam Kit has offered me one before, but I'm not yet confident on my writing. Maybe I have to review my Strunk and White all over again. BTW, I saw a new edition of it. Maybe I could buy one for my library :D

Have to go already. Muah!

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