Friday, December 07, 2007

Ever had a feeling that you woke up one morning and had that cheerful face in you but it all ends up being worse than you expected?

I had that Friday outlook in my head. No one could stop me from smiling because I could finally have time to marathon my Grey's Anatomy DVDs, fix my things and start to be a bum. BUT this girl started to throw dagger looks that I never dare mind since Monday. I didn't make it a big issue because I thought she was still hurt from what happened last week. And besides, I didn't want to get involved in her issue with this other colleague. I WAS SO WRONG.

This morning is the last straw. I didn't confront her because I didn't want to have any issue in the office. As far as I'm concerned, I never make enemies in the workplace because it would ruin my professionalism and mood in the office. I was hoping to tell my boss but I didn't want her to get into trouble either. I just hope she gets around because as far as I know, she used to be my friend.


Jeni already got her Belle De Jour Planner. I am sooo happy for her. Even Mariz wanted to have the same planner and got jealous when I told her that I already got one. Said she'll visit one of their venues. Anyway, I am sooo loving mine and have already scribbled some stuffs in it. On the other hand, Hon Hon has to complete six stickers more for his Starbucks Planner. Uber nice.


Am currently writing a news article for the company. I missed doing news and business articles already. I'm just so glad that MST's giving me these kind of opportunity. And it'll speak well for my portfolio. When I plan to really jump into a journalism career after a year or two.

I have to go already. Couldn't settle for a long post since I'm on a dumps today. People do suck sometimes.

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