Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ive finally settled on a costume for our Company's Hat Christmas Party. YAY! hehehe.

Because Mom bought me a dress, I would wear it, plus the hat that I bought last year at Grotto, put some flowers and a large feather in it and I'm gonna be Audrey Hepburn's "My Fair Lady". :D I hope I could find an umbrella like hers, but I think some fancy umbrellas would do. Nice huh? To give you the visuals, this is my inspiration for it. :D

So cute right? My Mom has full of ideas about it. Plus she helped me pick out some stuff to use. Now I have to scour at Divi for the feathers and all. And Hon and I will go to Arranque to buy fishes for their aquarium.

On the other hand, Dad made me canvass for the Ipod I requested him to buy. He said that if he couldn't buy one in Malaysia, he'd just give me the money for it. I'm still looking for a reasonable price, but honestly, I would want him to buy instead because I would be discouraged if I would have to pay with the money he'd give me. Argh, sometimes, I couldn't understand myself too. Nyarnyarnyar.


Missed me yesterday? hehe, just kidding. Ive been on leave. Maam Kit let me file a day-off because I still have three left and its not convertible to anything. So Hon and I spent the day together. We also went to RobPlace Ermita because I really missed the place. Back in college, there are three malls I used to hang out to, SM Manila, RP Ermita and on 4th year, at SM San Lazaro because it is situated near UST. So when SMSL was built, I rarely go to RP. SO much for my mall hopping days. But these days, I wanted to go to San Agustin Church again. I dont know, maybe it'll help Hon and I to realize what we have before and revisited where it all started. I just cant believe that it has been four long years ago.

Maybe one weekend, we'll be back there. And also go to Intramuros because I haven't been there for a while.


Anyhow, I'm uber excited for Paskuhan. I just hope I could see Brenti, Jam, Badet and Mommy Nina there. Brenti said he'd take a leave. I would be rushing to go there since I dont wanna miss the fireworks display. (haha, hindi na namin tuition ang pinapalipad nila sa ere. LOL) Seriously now, I miss my friends. And I have to buy a gift for my goddaughter Avi na rin before Mommy Nins and I meet again. hehe.

Gotta go. Its like 10 degrees in the office today. Muah!

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