Monday, December 03, 2007

What happened in Makati last Thursday was somewhat a big downfall for the country. Thankfully, it was over before it even caused a lot of problems.

But even though curfew sucked, Hon and I still went to MOA so I could buy him his Christmas gift. And he's wearing it right now. hehe.


Usually when vacation comes, Mom always make us clean our closets and drawers because there might be chances to see old but usable clothes for her charity. See, Mama works as a school nurse near the Smokey Mountain and most of their students live there. So whenever we could empty out our closets, were hoping that we could somehow clothe those who are in need of them.

This Friday, Mama made us do the usual tradition again. Not only did I have the chance to clean my room, but I also made such a difference to the kids who are less fortunate. I remember my friend Shang, her dream goal is to put up a nursing home for the kids. Maybe someday, I could plan on that too. Hopefully. :D


After cleaning te house, Mama and her friend, Tita Yoly dragged me to Divi to look for gifts and clothes to wear for our respective parties to attend. 168 was so packed that day and they have this huge "pansit" at the foodcourt where maybe a family could share for only less than a hundred pesos. For the numerous times Ive been there, that was something new to me. After that, I was lucky to find not just one, but two, UBER cheap dresses to wear for the Christmas. My dilemma was finally alright. Now I have to figure out which design to use for the hat I'm gonna wear.

See, Divi is like a second home to me. I remember when I was still a kid, Mom and I used to have dates there. I mean, pigging out or splurging during her payday with nice stuffs. That's why I was eager to come with them too. LOL.


Last Saturday, it was Hon and I's turn for a date. Went to 4 places again. Quiapo, Divi, RobPlace. Avenida. Anyhow, RobPlace Manila is kinda different now. It has fountains at the front, they have Powerbooks twice the size where they have at the ground floor. Uber coolness. :D

Yesterday naman, Jonnah went to our house to hang out. Its just so nice seeing and inviting people over, especially when you haven't seen them for a long time already. See, Jonnah is one of my bestest friends during Elementary. We were supposed to study at the same school at high school level, but my Mom enrolled me in ICAM, an exclusive school for girls, who also found me a home.

So there, a weekend adventure all rolled into one. Maybe that's why I'm late today. I'm too exhausted to wake up. But I'll be on leave tomorrow, so I'm all set to rest again. Muah! Hafta go already.

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