Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm so hooked yahoo news now. Maybe because it is the only news feed I could look at due to the hectic schedules and the news after the prime time shows. That's how late I get home. haha. Anyhow, I liked the article about fastfoods and processed foods that causes lung cancer. I don't know, maybe because my Lola died to that disease. I mean, she never smokes, drinks or anything. She's the epitome of healthy. I just missed her. Its our third Christmas without her.

Today, they have this news about the Hilton's being paid $500,000 to party. How cool is that? But definitely outrageous. So here's a thought, why not let Paris Hilton host a party at Smokey Mountain or Payatas and give out the $500,000 instead of getting some stuck up rich kids drunk right?

Last night at Bandila, it was reported that the Space Shuttle was stuck before it could turn to the loop. Bloody hell! We just went there last month! Plus Sai, Norman and I even tried that ride. I always thought EK rides were safe. I was even challenging Hon Hon to ride with me but he was scared. Fortunately, the kids who were riding the attraction got out after One and a half hour. How weird is that. Good thing they didn't get stuck at the actual loop, or we might have a whole lot of problems.


Hon Hon, Brenti and I met at Glorietta last night. Said he needs help to buy Avi a Christmas Present. And the proud Ninong that he is, wanted to buy something nice for his goddaughter, with my opinion on it. BTW, this is the second chance that we spent time together. We even went to Quiapo with him. Funny thing was when the bus passed by UST, we were both oogling because we haven't been to our school for a long time now. I mean, he haven't been there since time immemorial. haha. Then they both took me home. Nice.

Kstin is on the way home to the Philippines right now. Or something. Haven't received a text from her yet, but she'd be here today or tomorrow since she has this thing to attend on Saturday.

Aside from the Xzeno's Party, CCD will FINALLY do the party tomorrow night at Dad's Mega. Bad because it is based on a first come-first served policy at Mega, unlike at EDSA, but the latter's already fully booked. Good thing Sir Melan handled the call for it.

On Tuesday, Jam and I will meet to support Nina at her Civil Law Idol Contest. We settled for her to sing "Love Will Show Us Everything" by Jennifer Love Hewitt. I don't know, we just loved IF ONLY that much. I am so proud of my Mommy-Law Student-Singer-Kumare friend. After all, she gave her all-out support to me during our kABog Contest on our 4th year. Plus she made me a totally new person, confidence and all. Love you Nins!

Speaking of contests, I joined the Videoke Competition at the office. We just don't know who will be our tandem yet. Haay, he or she should really be good in singing. I don't want anyone to throw tomatoes at us or something. LOL.

Have to go. Muah!

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