Friday, December 14, 2007

I don't know if I got lucky this time.

On our Christmas Party, I would join this Videoke Contest, but its a duet. I was paired to this guy who could sing well.. Lucky right?


...because he is this obnoxious sonofagun who doesn't even respect women. Its a matter of principle, but I guess I just have to be professional about it and just have fun. After all, it is a party and I should enjoy it. Win or lose. Or whatever. :D


I'm so ecstatic about the party on Wednesday. Of course, it would not be the same without Ms. Ivy and Chay but since the team is bigger now, we wouldn't have to seat in with other departments anymore. Plus we get to participate in almost all contests there is. So cute! :D I was planning to buy another yard of feather for my dress but that depends on whether I have time to go out or not. LOL.

Though I really needed to buy gifts for Mom, Lester, my titas and my Secret Santa, which should be a piece of cake right now. haha.

Maam Kit is trying to guess our Secret Santas earlier. So cute. She is even worried that our Santa will recognize her in the wishlist because of her supposed gift. Ang kulit.


Tonight will be a pig out day for us. We'll be going to Dad's Mega for our CCD Christmas Party. Plus we'll have Sir Ronnie with us. And probably will never be a dull night for us because he would like have sooo many stories to tell and gossips to reveal. Fun night it is. Yay!

It is weekend again. I love Fridays. It makes you feel like you're gonna be relaxing again and you really have to maximize the weekends because it is YOUR time of the week to do nonsense stuffs or you could also try to be productive.


Watched PBB last night. Baron is uber DISGUSTING. I mean, no offense, but I don't think he'd ever change. And he really must be put into rehab or something already. He doesn't even know what he's doing anymore. Take it from me. Ive seen my uncle drunk and he behaved a little like that of Baron's behaviour last night. I just don't get what good it'll bring to their body. Stupid people.

Gotta Go. Later peeps! :D

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