Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Got this from Anne..

2007 is almost over!! repost this with "2007 questions"

1. Did you fall in love?
- Yes. Over and Over :D

2. Did you get any new best friends?
- Yup, si Priness Sai hehe.

3. Did you start dis-liking some one?
- Sadly, Yes.

4. Did you get your heart broken?
- Kind of, but its alright now.

5. If you could change some thing about this past year, what would it be?
- The incident with this girl who almost ruined my life.

6. Are you happy of how things turned out?
- In a way.

7. Did you get any tattoos? Where and what of?
- Henna lang. butterfly and a flower.

8. Did you get any thing pierced? Where?
- None this year. LOL

9. What's your new favorite color(s)?
- Gold. ewan ko ba.

10. Did you do any thing life changing?
- I went for an interview for another job. And it changed my outlook from now on. LOL

11. Favorite piece of clothing?
- Shirts. Long ones and Short ones

12. Did you go to any parties?
- Uu. Dami nga eh. Hindi naging boring ang year. :D

13. Did you have any surgeries?
- Dapat brain surgery, pero hindi pa naman natuloy ang pagiging insane. haha

14. Do you like our president?
- Ayus lang. Safe.

15. Do you support our troops?
- hmmm. depends

16. Were you in the relay for life?
- Not really. My life has been stable for the past year.

17. Did you get engaged/married?
- Sort of. I got a rock for our first anniversary. :D

18. How many bf/gf's did you have?
- Wala.

19. What's your favorite thing you got for christmas last year?
- The Eleven Minutes Book

20. What's the thing you want the most this year for Christmas?
- Ipod, Car. New Lappie, whichever comes first.

21. Has any body you loved passed away?
- This year, my Ninang Zeny. But we werent that close naman.

22. How's school going so far?
- Not in school anymore.

23. Did you get any pets this year?
- Is it human pet or animal pet? LOL

24. Did you have any "new" members added to your family?
- None. My Titas are not reproducing anymore eh. Not sure sa Lumandog Family though.

25. What's your favorite song?
- Cozy in the Rocket, Big Girls Dont Cry, Beautiful Girls, Gotta Go My Own Way

26. Who's your favorite band?
- Parokya ni Edgar pa rin I guess.

27. Favorite person in your family?
- Edmund

28. Have you had a job?
- Currently employed

29. Have you been arrested?
- Thank God no.

30. Have you been in trouble?
- In some ways.

31. Have you thought about suicide/murder?
- Murder, a lot of times. haha.

32. Are you emo?
- No. But I like Pon and Zi

33. Favorite trend of the year?
- Bangles! Super loved its comeback

34. What decade do you wish you could
live in?
- In the one Im currently living.

36. Do you have a crush on some one?
- Yes, SECRET!

37. Favorite quote/saying?
- Love is sweeter the second time around. LOL.

38. New Year's resolution?
- Get thin again.

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