Thursday, November 22, 2007

Due to the sudden stress about Christmas, godchildren, party planning and the gifts I should give, I made up my Christmas Wishlist last night. Or rather, I would have to use it for our Exchange Gift in our office too. :D

1. The Choice by Nicholas Sparks- I saw one in hardbound. Sadly, the price is still way too high. I was hoping to see a paperback on this one since I'll be reading it once or twice. I don't know, someone once told me that books are great investments.

2. A Dress for Xmas- I don't want anything fluffy or grand. I actually am looking for something simple for the 25th so I could wear it when we go to Hon Hon's house again and for our family's party.

3. A new scrapbook- Mine's almost full already. I need a new one, no reason as the one stated here. LOL.

4. Shoes- Out of habit, I need new shoes for the holidays. I dunno. I just wanted a new whole wardrobe for it. haha.

5. One Week vacation- SO badly need it! Ive been working my ass off for the past year that I needed to unwind. I was wishing for a week, but that would be too impossible.

6. Still SE z610 Hot Pink- I'm still drooling whenever I see it, but I don't really need a new phone. haha. I just love seeing one. LOL.

7. A new lappie or PC even- PC at home is terribly slow. That's why Net connection sucks. And from now on, I AM NOT BUYING RED FOX ANYMORE. I just liked the Deskpod design, but now, I'm not sure why we even bought it. Argh.

8. A year's COSMO subscription- Hon said its cheaper to subscribe for a year, that way, I wouldn't have to scour every magazine stand every month. Haha.

9. A Hot Pink or Electric Blue BW Beetle 2004 Edition- Just DREAMING. LOL. As if its possible.

10. WORLD PEACE- Hey, at least its not just for myself ayt?


Ive read my past diaries last night. Well, in a way, the old paranoid Ria was already gone. I mean, who in the world couldn't get a clue when your ex boyfriend tells you that you were controlling him? Only moi. But thankfully, Ive somewhat grown into it. I just hope it'll continue to change. :D

Haay, so many happenings, so little time. I couldn't even think of my schedule already. I have like, 5 parties to go to, shopping sprees for family and friends, buying the Ultimate Gift for Hon Hon (which I wouldn't tell, REALLY! because its much better kung surprise diba?), and I need to control my diet since I know I would really binge this December. Huhuhuhu. Tapos when we go to Hon Hon's house pa, I know that his family will really prepare lots of yummy foods. Kamusta naman yun.

Gotta go. I still have an exchange gift to plan. :D

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