Friday, November 23, 2007

I never thought PBB also experiences or rather threatened of experiencing plagiarism issues. Well at least they were never sued when an Australian Song was of the same rhythm as of now defunct Orange and Lemon's "Pinoy Ako" Song. But seriously, we are all being plagiarized almost every day. you know why? BECAUSE THERE ARE COPYCATS EVERYWHERE. Though some are subtle, but you'd still know how they COPY your EXPRESSIONS, HOW YOU WRITE, how you REACT to some things, and even HOW YOU SPEAK. I never thought I could ever create my own monster. I thought they were only applicable in Home Economics. LOL.

So PBB in a sense, is not doing good right now. 2 housemates voluntary exited yesterday. And they were the strongest contenders to win the game. So sad.


I am loving one commercial now, the one with Bianca Gonzalez and Sam Milby endorsing Lipton Milk Tea. I haven't tried one yet, but I think it'll be like Nai Cha (Milk Tea in Chinese). Or so I hope.

Dude asked me yesterday why writers love coffee. I don't really know why too, but it keeps me perky all day. I mean, my mornings are never complete without coffee. And I would probably never survive a day, or else, I'd be all irritable and could never give you a straight answer if you ask me a question. So I just answered him that writers don't actually know when ideas could strike you, so you have to stay awake and be aware. :D


Sad, I'm not gonna be able to watch Enchanted on Saturday. I wanted to see Patrick Dempsey. Sayang because I think the movie will be great in Imax 3D or something. But anyway, I know I'll be spending that Saturday in the house, and help in watching over the workers during the renovation. Haay.


Its a cold cold Friday today. I cant even feel my toes. How I wish super typhoon Mina will go to some other way so we wont get affected. Anyway..

Have to go. Muah! TGIF. :D

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