Friday, November 23, 2007

By far, this the worst night (or midnight) ever. I thought it was okay earlier. I even played the girlfriend part. But I guess it isn't enough.

I'm still confused on whether or not to show up at this job interview. I mean, I so love books, I can play things with AP, I could (and I mean a heck!) write, I have a knack for organizing book launches or events, etc. When I stepped into Powerbooks Greenbelt this Friday evening, my heart was strongly pounding and I believed to be destined for it. Sai was even certain that I could do well on it. But I feel as if I could not leave my comfort zone, the one who has sheltered me for a year and a couple of months.

But I have to decide really fast...


Went to G4 and Greenbelt because its a Friday. Just had dinner with Hon Hon's friends, Migs, Carlo and Rai, and saw an old glee co-member, Diane, who is now the present girlfriend of Hon's other friend, Migs. (We call them M1 and M2 :D) Was okay considering that this is like the first time Ive seen them all five together. Nice. :D After that, went to Park Square then to Powerbooks at Greenbelt. Saw a book launch and Hon insisted that IF I get hired there, I'd be one of the organizers of it. So fetch! I mean having to read a book before you could release it to everyone is the coolest job ever. Oh, and Ive seen Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Love in the Time of Cholera in paperback and I am def going back there on Thursday to get a copy. And make a mental note to watch the upcoming film of the novel. I am soooo excited. :D

Speaking of friends, was with Jen and Sai earlier. Now its making me more uncertain about showing up. My Gawd!


Renovation in our house is finally over. YAY! I'm uber uber ecstatic about having my Saturdays again. Hope I could invite one of my bezzies Jonnah or Mercie. Or maybe I could use the time to redecorate the supposed room. (Why supposed? It doesn't have walls yet. Arghness!)


Kstin already confirmed us December 22-23 and my mom kinda agreed to it. JN is unsure of a jammies party because he doesn't have pjs daw. Weirdo. Told him I'm'a buy him one as a Christmas gift. LOL. Seriously, he said he might have work that time. Awww, I really want Xzeno to be complete that day. And hopefully, Tats could come over here too, like she promised us years ago. haha. But she assured me she'll be visiting the country on her birthday next year. Cant wait for April 2008. :D

Guess I have to sleep now. I'm just confused of some things right now. Hopefully, everything will be better tomorrow. Muah guys!

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