Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I still love that company, but I feel overqualified for the job.

Went to the most disappointing interview Ive ever had in my life. Not because that they judged every inch of me, but they haven't even tried doing that. Believe me, I have been in a LOT of job interviews before when I was still a newly grad, but this one, is awkward.

One thing I learned from our Career Speaker and then-Public and Alumni Affairs Director Cristina Cabral when we were in our senior year, is the best weapon in every interview is our resume. The Curriculum Vitae speaks for the things we could never voice out. It tells our achievements, our future goals, our education and most specially, our personality. So armed with my three-page CV and a somehow attractive graduation photo. The resume is almost blasting "I'M A BANKABLE EMPLOYEE, I COULD DO GOOD, I COULD MEET YOUR STANDARDS". But unlike my current boss, the interviewer did not even reviewed the CV first. (Maybe because she has lots to do or employees or interviewees to attend to, I 'm not so sure)

Okay so enough rambling about educational attainments and stuff, she wanted to place me first into Sales then into Customer Service. Okay, so she REALLY is determined to put me to Mall of Asia. I said okay. She then asked me if I'm willing to be on shifting schedule, I said maybe, due to the fact that I haven't tried that before. Again, the puppet that I was said, I'm willing to do it. Then she laid the one restday a week rule, and I said I'm fine with it. Then she said me the range, see, money isn't an issue for me, but I feel as if I'm back on square one if I accepted it. Though I kind of negotiated with a little higher than what I'm getting here now, wouldn't still be enough. I mean, at the current office, I have like, regular days of work, free on holidays, and getting the cake and eating it at the same time.

In consolation, she said that based on my records, and the fact that I DO READ BOOKS (God, that really sounds condescending because in fact, I do not just read books, I LOVE THEM, and if they're real people, I may even marry it for will's sake) will automatically put me into the Probationary Period and will not be under an agency. Really, that made me so sad. Although again, as another consolation, she said that she believes that I could really do well for them and be back at two.

But really, thinking about what happened, I'm not even sure if I have the face to be back at two, or tomorrow for that matter. I really am super disappointed with it. But still is my favorite bookshop. Maybe I'm just not that made for it.


After the interview, went to SM Megamall to re-think of the things I just made (leaving my oh-so-perfect job, leaving my boss, bid goodbye to my colleagues and friends in the company). Out of frustration, and maybe God even consoled me for being downright stupid for a while, I bought a blouse and splurged a bit. And it led to the dress I am looking to wear for Christmas. :D But I need the opinions of some people about it. hehehe. But I'm not gonna post it here. Kamusta naman if I would wear a dress tapos lahat na nakita na sinuot ko yun. Parang Veronica Lodge lang eh nu? LOL.

Gotta go blab more news next time. Muah! Later people :D

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