Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Multiply isn't that candy-ish anymore. And not too pink. Wala lang, I just decided to sport a new look since, well, I have the time to do so. And I found these uber cute brushes too. Jeni once said that she was getting tired of my LO. So here, Ive decided to look for a nice background by wingedgoddess, while I made the layout for the Banner. And I am so friggin' loving it eventhough its not too pink. :D Another "obra" from yours truly. hehe.


I am so loving PBB again. They brought Gaby Dela Merced back in the house. So cool. I just hope the other housemates wouldn't mob on her just because of the fact that she have been out of the house already. And I couldn't wait if rumors are true that Akon will be guesting there too. I mean, that would be extra uber coolness. :D

Anyway, just finished the Powerpoint Presentation of our Company's Christmas Party Contests and Program. Then when the Committee finalizes the list, I could layout the email invite. I can't believe that Sir Ronnie volunteered me for it. But I'm not complaining. I am actually honored to do so. Like when you feel that you are but a small individual in the company, someone could make you stand out in a snap. And that it doesn't feel bad anymore because your efforts are not wasted. I mean, being known because of your connections in the company, but you really EARNED HARD for it.


Let me tell you a story about a girl, which we should call "Lucky". Lucky says she doesn't brag about her at all. When in fact, she just told the world that she was supposed to study in this prestigious school, put in her blogs her family's companies and hell, her title in the company, etcetera etcetera. She hasn't learned a lesson or was put under a curse, I just want to tell how some people can be so pathetic. Hindi kasi makaramdam. Jeez. Dude, mali pa spelling mo. Ay, hindi lang pala spelling. Pati grammar mo mali. Spell-check mo, uso naman sa multiply yun. LOL.


Anyhow, I don't want my blog or day be ruined. Sai didn't say yes to our invite for Divi on Saturday. Hon Hon will be in a personality seminar with his friends. While I would be all miserable planning the exchange gift and Xzeno's Christmas Party.

Ultimate gift for greatest boyfriend will not happen anymore. Bezzie Mercie and I are planning to go to this place she was talking about to buy a gift, but since he said out loud that he wanted this jacket-slash-coat we saw at SM Makati, I'm going to give him an advanced present since he'll use it for his defense on Monday. As for me, he keeps on insisting that he'd buy the ultimate gift din. And it seems that I have a hint on what he'll give me and apparently, it is in my wishlist. And I guess I'm getting a pretty hefty present from my Dad this year. But I hope I'd get a good price for it since I don't want my him to spend that much for it. As much as I wanted a lappie this year, I wouldn't budge for it anymore. Maybe next time.

Hafta go. Am already freezing in my seat. Ciao peeps! :D

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