Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I know that we are facing tad many problems right now, and the last thing we should do is to fight, but in all the trials that we have encountered, I believe that it will always make us stronger. But in all of the, you know that I am very happy with you. Though at times, I wanted to give our love up, you know I couldn't bear to do it. Not because I'm scared to be alone, but to waste everything we've built up for the past year couldn't ever replace another you. Not that I am afraid never to see another person who would love me like you do, but because I know I could never find someone who could make my heart skip a beat or relinquish the sparks Ive been feeling for the past year and a half. Hopefully, this would last a lifetime. I so love you a gazillion times. :D


Hon and I went to Greenbelt Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf yesterday to get the Belle De Jour 2008 Power Planner. At the last minute, I thought about the BDJ team going to Greenbelt, though unsure of it. So I told Hon about it and he dragged me there. Waited after dinner for the team to arrive. Am actually unsure if I would buy this early because I'm still waiting for the bonus and stuff. Once there, we had to fall in line pa. And Hon paid for it, I should think of it as a Pre-Xmas gift daw. But thankfully, I finally got it. Yay! Three cheers for moi. hehe.


According to Dude, I was the one assigned to do the Online Invite for our Company's Christmas Party. I was so psyched because I get to design again. Its has been too long since I used Photoshop and Graphic Design. (yeah, like I'm prone to it. LOL) But I am honored to do it. I mean, I never thought I had a future in it. But yeah, I'm gonna do it anyway. :D

Anyway, I have to go. I'm really famished already. Muah peeps.

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