Monday, November 19, 2007

What is is with cars and skin-showing women anyway? I just don't get the point of having a kick-ass car modelling, with a woman wearing a skimpy swimsuit. I mean, isn't looking at a really hot car enough? I'm not complaining, or maybe it adds to the "hotness" factor of a car. hehe.

Yesterday, Hon and I went to Divi and MOA. Divi to buy gifts for our godsons and goddaughters this Christmas. It was so fun going to this toyshop because you could not only buy toys for the kids, but also for the kids at heart. Sadly, were not yet done with the shopping yet. It still is a long way to go. And I want to buy a dress to wear on the holidays.


After Divi, went to MOA to watch 'One More Chance" and see the Auto Salon 2007 for the second time. Hon went grunting while watching the movie because he hates Filipino movies. But I'm still glad he went with me. I was crying buckets of tears again because I was THAT moved by the movie. Probably because Ive seen myself years ago in John Lloyd's role. How the agony of breaking up with someone you whole-heartedly gave up your everything to. But in the end, it is nice to know that true love prevails.

After the movie, went to the church near MOA and the proceeded to the car show at SMX and saw Sai and Norman. hahaha. Hon and I went ogling with the super hot cars again. And the more I see it, the more I thrive to have the BW Beetle Ive been eyeing for years. See ever since college, I have been adoring that car. And Ive seen one in pink already. Anyway, Ive also seen a Hello Kitty Car, which made me even more jealous. Someday Ria, just focus. hahaha. :D


BREAKING NEWS: Its a tragic Monday today. A security guard in our building died today. He was supposed to ride in an elevator. When he got in, he hadn't noticed that there is no elevator car in it, so he fell and well, died. Let us pray for him.

Have to go. Bye you guys. :D

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