Wednesday, November 14, 2007

*Nakipagaway ka na ba sa boyfriend mo dahil sa isang tagalog flick na ayaw niya panuorin? *Eh nakipagaway ka na rin ba sa boyfriend mo dahil pareho kayong ayaw magdecide kung saan pupunta?

*PINAKA-LOSER MODE: Makikipagbreak sa bf dahil ayaw magdecide for the two of you!!!

Funny as it may seem, I just hope its just PMS or something. Lately, I have been making rash decisions for the stupidest reasons. Okay, so I admit I'm childish. Maam CDC even called me "bouncing baby girl" because I look and act young. But people should accept me for what I am. Well, hopefully sometimes. LOL.

Kidding aside, I know I should already be mature enough to do the right and wrong things. But sometimes, I need a break from work, from articles, from paperworks and I wanna see things on the dumbest situations I wouldn't even dare make. Eventually, I have to loop my own way to get out of the crazy stuff.

Note to self: Give yourself a rest. Don't complicate the things that are already complicated.

Note to Hon: Sorry for being THAT hasty in throwing out decisions. I know the problem is within me, but I know its not paranoia or being like ex-bestfriend. Maybe just that I am tired with the complicated life that I never want to bear anything anymore. I literally wanted to be free from expectations and pressures. I love you and I hope you could still take me in this confusing state. :D


Sad news: HOR was devastated yesterday due to explosion. Luckily, the Session Hall wasn't damaged. But 2 people, one representative and a driver, were already dead. And even lucky that our representative for HOR (Congress is one of our accounts in the company) already left their office that time. Whew!

But thinking about it, the people who allegedly planted bomb might have a lot of guts to do so. I mean, it is one of the branches of the government after all. So who might have done it? Keeps us thinking in enigma I guess.


I'm on leave tomorrow. Yay! Because I have 4 VLs since I turned a year in the company and haven't used one since, Maam Kit let me take the day-off. Well, I'd probably work on some personal papers and look for the best Christmas gifts to the World's Greatest Boyfriend, Mom, Family and Godkids. :D

I gotta go. Muah!

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