Monday, November 12, 2007

I couldn't help but sing it, and I heard from Wave yesterday that Akon's gonna be having a concert at Araneta at the 29th. Too bad the prices are higher than of Beyonce's Concert. Drag.

Anyhow, went to Glorietta last Friday. Where I saw one of the most beautiful thing alive. The planner I have been looking and scouring every bookstore for months, the Paolo Coelho 2008 Journal. I could've brought it already, but I am still deciding on three planners as of this time.

1. Starbucks Planner, where you have to complete like 24 stickers. And which I think would be too impossible because I don't drink coffee there unless necessary. I mean, I love coffee, but having to drink 24 coffee that costs much more than my daily budget for food is a little extravagant for me. *kuripot mode*

2. Paolo Coelho 2008 Journal, which is a thing of beauty and there are like, quotes from his books and all. It is most likely the one to get and the layouts were very inspiring too but...

3. Belle De Jour Power Planner has discount coupons of every nice stores in Manila, birthday lister, vacation planner, journal, etcetera, etcetera.for only 548php. Plus you could help their chosen charity, well, like the Starbucks Planner :D

...So I think I would probably get the last one. Although, I have to wait because I could win one too. I joined Moschino Funny All Out Fun Contest wherein you have to send pictures of you and your friends while having the best time of your lives. And I think the Galera Trip would win. Hopefully I mean. hehehe.


Its gonna be a long weekend on the 30th again. But I'm not sure whether to or not to go out. Or maybe we'll start the Christmas Shopping already since it'll be a payday that time. And I also have to plan a Christmas Party for the Xzeno since K-stin will be having a vacation from New Jersey. She buzzed me earlier last week to gather up the 'kada and talk about our schedules because she'll be here for two weeks. Since its a holiday, we might as well have a party. Yay! Too bad Tats couldn't come with her.

Anyhow, we've kinda planned a pajama party at one of the hotels in Manila. She wanted to do it at Sofitel because we could have overnight swimming and then go to MOA. Hey, give the kid a break, she only goes to the Philippines like what, once every I cannot remember years and she wanted to see the biggest mall in Asia. And I'm sure that this will be so much fun since we'll bond together, just like we were in High School. Awww.

Thankfully, some of the people Ive texted already agreed like Shang, Frances, Kaye, Yan, Jhile and Jheng. The other less than twenty people are still undecided. My gawd. But I know it'll push through. I am so praying for it. And were doing it for one of our bestfriends so pag nag-inarte pa naman sila, goodluck if youre gonna see Tin again. LOL.


Gotta go now. Have to figure out if I have a career in writing a radio script. Muah! :D

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