Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I believe that if life (or our bundy) is a basketball game, I might have won a few hoops already..

Just this morning, I was buzzer beating our office clock because I'm gonna be late again, for an offense I did not even made. You see, if I were to be late, I would want it to be my own fault (i.e. waking up late, dressing up slowly, getting back into the house because I forgot my fone, etc,) but this time, I woke up early, I dressed up ahead of my time. And then this stupid jeepney moved slower than a turtle could ever walk. Glancing at my watch, I'm still at JRU Area and traffic was waaay too bad because classes have resumed already.

Good thing, Shaw area wasn't that congested so the jeepney made through smoothly, and then there was Crossing that was half-badly slow in the morning. Thankfully again, it cleared after a while and arrived at the office exactly 8am showing at the bundy clock. Imagine that I was still panting at that time because I ran towards the door up to the 3rd Floor Stairs. But I am not late. Yay! hahaha.


I am having way too many illness right now. I am having period cramps, colds and cough. But still, I don't want to take a leave or something because they might miss me. Kidding. Seriously now, I couldn't take a break due to our number. See, we are missing two staffs already and in my post, who doesn't have a reliever might have a slightly huge problem with the projects and stuff. So if I'm gone, its going to be a big of a deal.



Our company has a new product for the Househelps. Yes, we are not an just HMO catering for families and corporate accounts, but also to helpers who wanted to have a health card for a low price. And since the government will release a law for househelps to have different kinds of benefits (health, higher pay, etc.) we have launched for employers to give them a healthplan so that they would not experience the hassles of shelling out a huge sum of money if in case their helpers needed a consultation or hospitalization.

So please visit for more details about the program. Thanks. :D


So why am I plugging it? Because it is one of my baby projects here in the company. And now, I am so determined in making it known all over the country. LOL.

Hafta go now. Muah!

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