Monday, November 05, 2007

No colds nor cough could prevent me from going out of the house and maximize the long weekend. Since my mom and brother went to Nova last Saturday, Hon and I met each other yesterday. An eventful day happened because we were able to visit 4 places during the limited time.


Okay, so for the nth time, we went to the best tiangge in the Philippines. Actually, because we live nearby. hahaha. Kidding aside, Hon bought home stuffs, gifts for his nieces, That 70's show season 7 (yay! we've finally completed it by now.) and Heroes Season 2. On the other hand, I finally had the jelly shoes Ive been eyeing since its first release. I don't know, its just so cute. :D


We were supposed to go to mass but its still early that time, so we just prayed and lit a candle outside. I am actually craving for Eng Bee Tin Hopia now. Grrrh.

Third Stop: MALL OF ASIA

So again, for the nth time, went to the biggest mall in Asia. Wanted to see Global Fun and he invited me for a heavenly Tiramisu. And surprisingly, I am still wanting right now. Grrrh. We could even bring our hotdogs at Cafe Meditteranean, so cool. And since I am re-constructing my clay art, I have to buy additional colors for Blossom. hehehe.

I wanted to go to Global Fun Carnival, but I am not sure if I would enjoy it. See, the huge ferris wheel might have too much wind in it. And I'm damn scared at EK last Saturday. GFC's beside Manila Bay so when you're up there, I don't think I could take the strong sea air or something.

Fourth Stop: QUIAPO

Quiapo is so divine at night, especially the DVDs. I know its piracy but its hard to find DVDs I am looking for. Anyway, I have just brought an IL MARE Movie. Yes, the one Lake House was adapted from. Its a Korean Movie that stars Jeon Ji-Hyun (My Sassy Girl) and Park Shin-Yang(Lovers in Paris). Uber uber coolness. :D Hon Hon even saw a Hiphop Abs Volume 2, which normally sells 500php. how cool is that huh? :D

And for a sidetrip, one stall in Avenida sells Archie comics for a hundred bucks. So Honhon bought me two. Hahaha. its another addition to my overflowing bookshelf.

Have to go. Muah! Later guys :D

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