Saturday, November 03, 2007

I'm so tired and sick right now, but it ain't stopping me to blog. LOL.

Just got from our Enchanted Kingdom Trip today. Met a new friend, tried sorts of rides I never dared ever and had a SUPER fun day with friends and lurve.

See, this is one of the impromptu gimiks I had, Jen and I decided over the 2-day break to invite other friends who would want to have something to do with the long weekend. Tex ted friends and the original Galera buddies were so game with it. :D

The four of us got there first, then after a few pilits, Norman, Jeni and Sai's friend finally met with us. Take note that he just got from Mindoro. haha. The irresistible charms of Sai. Anyway, I'm just sad about the fact that I had pictures of Merlin and the Victorian girl but got erased because the stupid memory card occurred an error. Grrh.

So to make it up, Hon Hon gave me his replica through a stuffed toy, Yay! hehe I so feel like a kid again.

Anyway, going back, I believe I have tried every attraction except the 4D theatre (sad), the swan lake (which I have tried when i was younger anyway), the bumper boats and the kiddie rides. LOSER MODE: This is actually my first time at the Log jam, Wheel of Fate and Flying Fiesta. Sadly, Hon hon still did not agree after a few nudges about riding the Space Shuttle so Sai, Norman and Moi just went together. Jeni is scared too so she just watched us from afar. Log jam was uber nice. Thankfully, I dodnt get that much soaked. Wheel of Fate is scary because of the strong winds blown from above. I had to convince myself that I wouldn't fall. Argh. This is actually my second time to ride the Rio Grandee rapids, and we were super wet (especially hon hon) after the ride. I have a new slogan pala for a shirt. If ever one EK staff might see it, they could credit me for the theme hehe. Here goes:


Haha, I know its too text-y, but its worth a try huh? I bought kasi a shirt the last time we went there, pero this time, my shirt didn't got wet. I just hated what it did to my pants. Hon got the most wet part among all of us. he was the favorite of the ride. BURN. hehehe.

Now I don't have a voice anymore, but Hon and I have to meet tomorrow and go to mass pa. I'm not complaining, and it goes by saying i need sleep, so peace out, and I am SO OUT! muah!

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