Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I super love Sun Cellular's new commercial where the little girl texts his dad funny jokes then she sent a "LOL" to her dad. When her Dad received the message, he was dumbfounded on what the text meant and immediately called her daughter and she said that LOL means "Laughing out Loud". Sometimes, I wish that my Dad and I are like that.

I wish that he could be more closer to her unica hija. That he should have never left his kids to provide us a better life. That he could have just worked here so we could all be together every holidays and all. But I'm not complaining. I am trained never to complain. When I was younger, my only escape was when he would bring me huge gifts when he comes home. And my only memory of him is having to wave goodbye at the airport.

Thankfully, my Dad has a lighter work abroad now. Because of his post, he now has to be gone for 3 to 4 months instead of a year. And maybe, we could be the daughter-father team now that I'm all grown up. Or maybe not. But I love my Dad. And I wish for him to be always safe. After all, he's doing this for the whole family, and we were never deprived of anything because he provided us well.


CCD Team went to Tiendesitas last Friday. We had sea foods, clams, tuna belly, etcetera, etcetera care of Maam Kit. She says its a way to know each other better. And truly, it was never a dull moment being with them. Juan Pablo Dream sang nice songs there too. Sad lang because we couldn't shop at that time. After the dinner, we had to walk so far because we missed the shuttles. Alex, Clem and I had to cross the "Walang Tawiran, Nakamamatay" Sign just to get a cab or bus. Thankfully, we didn't get hit or something. haha.


Yesterday, went to Hon's place to join his sister's Halloween Party and Trick or Treat at the school she owns. Uber plenty of kids went there and had two streets for Trick or Treating. Sophie was dressed as a clown while Mico was in a pirate costume. So cute. Brought my Tiger ears since I didn't want to put a costume. haha.

Then met his niece, Irish. She's nice and she doesn't look like 17. hehe. Just like moi. nyahaha.


I feel bad that I didn't vote. I don't know, but I feel guilty that I didn't practice that right. Oh well, there's another election anyway.

I have to go already. Muah! Later peeps. :D

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