Thursday, October 11, 2007

So cute!

I got this from Hello Kitty Blog and I am still in awe by its cuteness and pink-ness. :D Wish I could afford one in my room, since I'd be having my own in our house in Tondo. Or I could bring it to Guada when I visit there. Waah. *hehe*

You know I love anything pink, so don't be surprised even though its Hello Kitty. Though I love Tweety than her, Id still like this one because of its color and its packed with Vista already. :D


Anyhow, I'm all packed for our Galera Trip tomorrow. We'll be meeting at G.Puyat to take the bus and all. After work, we'd still have to go to SL to buy food or something else we need. Nice Bag huh? Bought it last Sunday at Royal Subic just for the trip. Its nice, and its a Disney bag. :D

I am uber excited. One night to go and I'm so giddy. Sai also confirmed that she will be coming with us too. And that will probably make me perky all day long. haha *wink* Now Galera, next year, Boracay! Yay!

Haay, its awkward to take a vacation without my family. Just that I'm used to going to trips with them than with friends. But I'm not complaining, as they said, I'm old enough already and I ought to enjoy life independently. But I'm used to my Mom buying stuff for us and Dad providing what we need and all. Yeah, I'm pampered, so I think I have to move on with that kind of life.

Speaking of moving on, Hon's considering of moving to another company. Hopefully, it'll open and he'd get in. Last week, we've been practicing speaking British like "Where is Harry Potter?, Howdy, Bollocks! (whe're eez Ha'wy Pottar? Howdy, Bollocks!) hehehehe. Its so cute like when were walking around the mall, people who hear us would give us like a really weird look or something.

So there, I'm'a post lots of pictures next week. And I'm on a blog leave starting tomorrow. Hope you will have nice trips too since its a Long Weekend. Ciao! :D

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