Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In a middle of chaos and bomb threat at 3PM:

Me: 'Lika Mark, tingnan natin yung mga tao sa bintana kung madami nga
Mark: Dun tayo kay Miss Nora
Me: Marky, andame!
Mark: Uy Ate Liza may gwapo dali

Kamusta naman sa office. Even though the situation's at worst, they never fail to laugh it all up.


So anyway, at of 3PM, one officer went running within the halls of our office. Then he told us not to panic, but there is a bomb threat at the 16th floor of the Citystate Center Building and some have evacuated already. Being a big panic person, I was kinda scared that it might be true and they allegedly said that it'll tick off at 3:30 PM.

...uber panicking still in my veins.

Then a few minutes later, bomb squads have arrived and brought K-9 dogs to see if they might sniff out something. and still, our floor wasn't called to evacuate. So i kinda packed my things, turned my PC off and waited. Still no advise but "DON'T PANIC". Media men have also gathered outside the building and all. So I'm the first one to blog here about it. hahahaha

Now its all over and the whole building is safe. Thankfully, its all over. So this is how it feels like in the movies, the fear and the confusion of a certain incident might bring.

And I am worried because I haven't done much yet, being alive, I meant. hehehe

So there, just spared a minute to report. My journalistic side is still kicking in. :D

Ciao! One day more and were off to Galera. *winks*

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