Monday, October 08, 2007

Okay. This, is my personal space, and I can say an effing lot of big deal I could say here. No one could ever fight me in this one and no one, could prevent me to talk about this.

So WHO in the right mind would ASK her ex-boyfriend who happens to be the best friend of her current boyfriend to a vacation out of town? Would you want me to repeat it or are you having a clue already?

Number one: YOU CANNOT ask him that. Know why? Because he isn't coming. He could go to Galera with us but not at Bora with you. You know why? Because we have an effing own lives. And YOU cannot butt in whenever you want to.

Number two: DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM? No? I guess not. Well keep that to yourself because read my lips, HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND ALREADY. He isn't pining on you anymore nor wishing to see you. So back off missy!

Number three: We can go to effing anywhere we want to be. We don't need any bimbo inviting him to any vacation ANYWHERE. Especially with you around. We are uber happy and We don't need for you to include him to your little games.

And last but not the least, I HAVE STAYED SILENT FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS. This is the first time that Im gonna be saying this:


Now if your little brain couldn't understand the part of NO I just said, I think you need a huge polishing to do.

Don't ever drag him again into your "nice-girl plans". Or this will be the end of your schemes. I could be a friend, but I could be your biggest nightmare

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