Sunday, October 07, 2007

Just got home from Subic. Doctor Cousin got envious of my Dad's Pajero that he also went to buy one there. Saw lots of cars today that made me wish I have a car to avoid being late for work or I could go somewhere without thinking of having to commute. I so wish I could have wheels, maybe I could settle for second hand or something now.

..but of course, I have to learn how to use it first. hahahah


After going at EMS, went to SBMA to look around. Went to the Botanical Gardens, Airport, saw Tita Elcy's relatives at the fishing area and tried to fish, but to no avail, went past Camayan Resort, Zoobic Safari and Jest. Though we haven't had the chance to visit inside those places because stupid rain didn't permit us to.

So to my frustration, just asked them to go to Royal Subic and had my pick-me-upper by buying a really huge Disney bag which was an uber bargain that I could bring to Galera this Friday. And I was thinking of Havs since there was a huge store there, but backed out right then and there when I saw the price tag. So I think I would just have to settle to Bananapeel for now. :D

After shopping, went to Tita Elcy's house to visit my godson, Benedict, whom I haven't seen for two years now. My gawd! I feel so old already. And also I have to settle seeing "ex", though it wasn't a big deal because I have been past longing seeing him. hehehehe. I just hope he's gotten over me already. I don't know, just that sometimes, I could see that I have taken a big deal of his heart and I hurted him too much since I have backed out at him twice. But if he's really over us, well, he didn't really have a nice way of showing it. bad. :P


After Subic, had to go to Rob Manila because Doctor Cousin wants to meet us since he will be back in Iloilo this Tuesday. had dinner at Max's again but feel as if I couldn't eat well since cousin is very peculiar. You know the feeling that he's counting the calories that you've been eating? I don't know. Or maybe I'm just paranoid again. :D

Now I'm uber tired. And i have to be early tomorrow again. Good thing we'll only have four days of work this week. And praying that the sun will shine until Sunday so we could have a really good vacation at Friday. Anyhow, Jen said that Sir Ronnie might even join us. I'd like that too because he's really fun to be with.

About the Galera trip, Jeni is so excited. She packed her stuff already. Hon did too. As for myself, I think Ill do it on Wednesday. I don't know. hahaha

Gotta go. Bye. :D

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