Monday, October 15, 2007

Few Pictures out of a hundred Galera Moments:

Okay, so were back from Puerto Galera last Saturday but I was actually uber tired to post here since I was doing chores and all yesterday. The whole trip was great. We had too much sun that made us all tan. (It rhymes?). The man from the house even told us that a typhoon went to Puerto last week and we were so lucky that the beach was okay now. So the camwhores that we are took pictures right from the start of the trip.
Meet up at 7am at G. Puyat station. Jen and I were kinda late because we woke up later that we were supposed to. So there, rode the bus to Batangas and then a ferry to Puerto Galera, White Beach. Got there at around 11:30 AM, had lunch, had henna tattoos for fun and faced the sea and the
So at sunset, I love this shot taken by Hon. It was like I am in a painting. :D
At nighttime, there were the hotspots though I didn't indulge much because I don't drink and I definitely am not much of a partygirl. And we also played UNO cards, Hon and Jen talked about hangups in relationships and known each other well because of the trip. And there's the glorious hammocks at the house so we just swing by most of the night.
Then come Saturday, Hon and I went already and left Jen and Sai at Puerto because they met this guy and all. And since we have this tight budget to go through too, we have to leave already.
When I got home, I was SOOOOO tired that I hog the bed then and there. So there, after Puerto, our goal is either Bora or Bohol. He says Davao. I'm not sure where. hehe.
I missed Mcdo. hahaha. Due to the uber high prices of the foods there, I wanted to chomp at the fastfoods. That's what you get for being a Manila baby. Muah! Gtg. :D

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