Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hon's Office is looking for a Communications Assistant. My current work is the same. But of course, his office pays more than mine. So I emailed my resume and was asked to apply for the post. But then again, too many things are holding me back to take it:

1. My peers at work- They actually make my day better. I mean when lunchtime comes and we all gather around, you could feel like home. There's Mommy Che, Nix, Clem, Sai and Lex. On the other departments, there's Jen, Norreen, Stan, Marky, Michi, Vhan, Noriel and the list goes on. They rock my world and I feel as if it would be kinda impossible to leave.

2. My job - Although sometimes, peticks lang, I love starting the day, sitting at my desk, thinking of many things to do the whole day and feels nice when I get praised for the job well done.

3. My boss(es) - Okay, so where in the world could you find a boss who is willing to stand by you when you are in a rut? Maam Kit is the loveliest and I couldn't break her heart if I would (ever) leave here. She says she'll tell me if I'm ready to leave. And frankly, I'm not sure if I am ready to. And there's Sir Ronnie who is like the greatest and nicest SVP anyone could have.

Now isn't it hard to decide? Come to think of it, this wouldn't be the first time I'd be backing off to a good job offer. I don't know. I still have to think real hard. This is something major and I couldn't wager right now.


On a lighter post, caught PBB last night when I got home. UST Taekwondo Champion Donnie Geisler is with his brother, Baron inside the house. Okay, see when Baron gets kicked out, Donnie might probably kick his butt too since they will be treated as one person. So to this UST people, let us vote for Donnie. hahaha. Riza Santos, the girl from FHM this month is inside the house too. I think they're trying to pair her with Will or something.

Now I'm not sure if Corrs is still connected with PBB, but during the last season, she was working with them, giving us the highlight of the Season 2 housemates and Toni Gonzaga's antics and all. Sayang. hehehe. But anyway, this one is different because they are celebrities in this show. Like the other year, when PBB Celebrity Edition was launched, Gian, one of our classmates is writing for ABS-CBN and revealed us the celebrity housemates earlier than the TV station. Sad. Now I don't have classmates like them. hehehe.

Okay this is funny, so PBB is also using one of my favorite words for their show. UBER! Nice. :D

Hon and I went to Quiapo last night and bought a Heroes DVD. Ninya said that Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) of Gilmore Girls is part of the cast. I didn't like him as Jess and Rory's boyfriend, so it only proves that his character is a believable portrayal.

So anyway, its:

And I am uber excited for it. :D Its the second Christmas that Hon and I are celebrating together and hopefully, it'll be better than next year. hahaha.

Gotta go again. Catch y'all later :D

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