Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gone are the days when I was so excited to look at my Friendster profile and getting excited to see messages and testimonials from my buddies. At first, Multiply distracted me from the site, but then recently, I discovered Facebook. Special mention to Camz because she has posted an album in her Multiply about Facebook, and I wanted to tribute my own Site din. hehe.
(Ayan ha, nauna na naman ako sa Facebook, nag-check ako, wala pang account yung pangit. Kapag naman may Facebook na sha after this post, ewan ko nalang ha, sobrang copycat na talaga.)

Anyway, here's why its so fun and why I switched. :D

Okay, so why do I enjoy it THAAAAT much? You could add up your friends, you could doodle-ize your friends, they have book icons, they have movie-flixter tie-ins, they have a CD rack, you could not only send a smile to your friends but you could poke them or even kill them (not that its advisable to kill your friends, lol), you could design your own room, you could have your own pet, etcetera and etcetera. I think it could help you when you feel bored because there are endless possibilities to do with your facebook. And its uber kawaii. :D


I'm reading the book Jen and I bought last week, "Its Called a Breakup because Its Broken" by Greg Behrendt. Okay, so Greg wrote his first book, "He's Just Not That Into You" as an eye-opener to relationships that are not made to last, or the no-nos in relationships, or even in dating. It also details guy behaviours and their weird notions whether he really likes you or you should do the dumping ASAP. So this installment, Its Called a Breakup..., is a nice book to deal with a breakup. Jeni said I didn't have read it because I'm not in that kind of stage right now. But reading the book makes me realize that WE could do better. It empowers every Superfox that breakups and not-so-nice relationships is not enough for now and we deserve better. :D

..I just hope I wouldn't read the book in the future. hehe.

I'm making a book review later. :D


One mystery friend of mine checked our company's website and noticed that most of the write-ups are my own. He said "kawawa ka naman" because I was tasked to do all of it. I just replied that "Dont you know that its an journalist's dream to get published or have her own book? Well in this case, our website is my turf and hey, I don't have to fight for any story I want, I get my own beat" And then he said that it great and all. Well maybe, I have a knack for making small things feel better than the way they are. Or should I say, BURN! I'm just so lucky. hehe

Gtg. Muah!

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