Friday, October 19, 2007

As of this afternoon, reports on the Makati Explosion aired on the news. Just last week, there was a bomb scare oat our office, who would have thought that it would happen in Makati, where 47 are injured and 6 lost their lives.

Its so sad that bystanders and innocent people were part of the tragedy, or whatever it was. Some said it was because of the LPG while speculations said someone had planted a bomb. Whatever it may be, let us pray for the departed ones and hope that the injured be finally okay.


Hon and I went to SM San Lazaro yesterday and had dinner. The thing is, they were playing horror music and eerie sounds. I hated that. I hope Halloween and All Saints Day will be over so I could hear Jingle Bells all around. hehe.

Speaking of Christmas, Sir GVF insisted to have a HAT Party. I'm not sure if it'll be final, but anyway, parties here at the office are usually a blast, so I know I will enjoy it. :D Hope we'd win prizes again. Heard there will be a KTV Contest and modesty aside, who sings better here than me? lol. Just kidding. But really, I am convinced that if it will happen, I would definitely wind up being a candidate or something. I mean, who sings louder than the choirs here at the office? hahaha.


Am going to Trinoma on Sunday to celebrate our 17th monthsary. Loser, because it'll be my first time to go there. Well, the first time I saw Trinoma, the stores aren't open yet, so I kinda waited this long hoping that they might have completed it by now. Fun, fun, fun. :D

I'm bored. Facebook na nga. muah! :D

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