Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stole a few minutes before getting ready for our date, anyway, just posted here to greet my Hon Hon..


I could not, for the life of me, ever fathom that we could make it this far. I even thought I was this huge jinx for having relationships that are either dysfunctional or long distances. But I know that this time, I got it right with you. I may be psycho for a lot of times, and I mean it, but you know how much I try to be so true to my feelings for you. And you know very well that my love for you would never ever change, just like the first time Ive seen you again, four years ago.

Okay, so were gonna meet at Gilmore later so we could go to Trinoma at the same time. Though I'm kinda scared to go there considering what happened to G2 last Friday, i wouldn't let my spirits down because I know that this is just a phase we should get over with. I mean, we should really be uber careful but it doesn't hurt to unwind either. And we are calling a calebration for pete's sake. :D

So yesterday was an UBER BUM day. I have stayed in the sack and watched Gilmore Girls the WHOLE DAY. And yeah, PBB Celebrity Edition 2. I mean, Will is so funny, the way he holds the mic throughout the house. And hated Maegan for not eating "tuyo". I mean, that is so superficial and downright stupid. Even though you're rich (or something) doesn't mean that you have to be whining about it. Geez.

Righty, I have to go now. Muah! Love y'all. :D

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