Monday, October 22, 2007

Its a do-or-die thing yesterday for our monthsary. See, we went to Trinoma to celebrate our 17th month and the bomb threat didn't so much scare us. Speculations over the internet and text messages said that Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala might be having problems that targets his businesses. Hence, the Trinoma Mall.

But anyway, despite the fact that there's this bomb scare, we still pushed through the celebration because I know that it might not be that bad of a day to do so. So there, Trinoma is a combination of Glorietta and Greenbelt. The dome-like inside of the mall resembles that of Glorietta while the solemn green outsides of it are just like Greenbelt. Pardon the feature writing terms of a mall review. LOL.

After the tour of the mall, went to Krispy Kreme to have doughnuts. Ive been like meaning to get one since I have only been seeing it at American shows or read it at Sweet Valley when I was a kid. And I wanted to share one with Hon Hon. So cute, we even had the cap, which I will be posting at our scrapbook. yey. Sad because they don't have the UAAP Final Four doughnuts anymore.

Too bad we couldn't watch a movie since there's nothing interesting on. Next time maybe.


Maam Kit told us that Company President congratulated our web for a job well done. That he is in a bad mood that day, but then when he saw the web, he commenced the team for having informative output and all. And I am uber proud because our web is like my baby here in the company. I am so psyched right now. :D

..maybe in my childhood, I must have done something good. hahaha. kidding. :D


Just this morning, Ive seen in a newspaper that a resto in G4 caught fire. Double trouble for Glorietta. So sad. I wish it'll stop now. Its kinda making me depressed.

I so lurve Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition now. They make this funny antics that make me laugh so hard, I couldn't even forget it. I so adore Will and how cute he is with the hand-held mic. Sayang he already got his lapel mic. hehehe.

Gtg. Will leave soon. muah!

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