Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Okay, so working in an HMO has its perks sometimes. See, after one year in the company and all, I have the privilege of the APE already and was scheduled this afternoon to have the xray,u/a, cbc and checkup. And as the results said, I am perfectly normal and healthy despite having a small crack in the mind (haha, just kidding!). doesn't hurt to to have a cute nurse to take your blood pressure and height and weight.LOL


Ive been so busy with work lately. Again, website was commenced by Management. I am so happy with it. Its not everyday that you get praised by your boss and other superiors in the company. I feel uber nice. And so blessed.

Speaking of PBB, I saw Corrs' name on the credits. She's still working at ABSCBN pala. hehehe. The scene last night brought me to tears. The sensitive side of Mcoy Fundales was so touching as he made that sacrifice to make his daughter's birthday happy. Aww..

Have to gp finish the day. Muah!

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