Friday, October 26, 2007

Although a lot of Erap supporters are happy with the government's decision of letting him out of jail, I feel as if what most Filipinos fought for has became worthless and put into trash. First of all, it is a rather stupid move to bail him out without consulting the million Filipinos who tried their very best to oust him years ago. Remember EDSA II?

When Erap got evicted for a lifetime imprisonment, most Filipinos feel that the judicial system in the Philippines finally worked, that they proved everyone wrong of politicking and most of all, politics.

PGMA's decision to let him out of jail (which we couldn't consider jail anyway for it is still HIS rest-house) is by far one of the biggest mistakes in Filipino history. Yes, we should respect former Estrada because he WAS once our President, but still, all the plunder and the cheating he made in his own country cannot just be like that. How many mansions he has built, that we could not have known, but the fact that this country has been swamped with so much disgrace is enough to throw him out of his seat.

With his executive clemency privilege, the former president could not run for ANY positions in the government anymore. Bull as it may sound, how about his cronies that he could control to run for him? How about the poor people in the country whom he have stolen money to while running the presidency seat? How about the working men and women who have paid their taxes right, only for the government to spend millions during his hearing, learning that they got the victory of Erap's lifetime imprisonment then finally got dismayed with the fact that the administration went to loopholes just to release him?

...I know its annoying, but do really have to live with it? Why don't we just all eat dust for the fun of it, then maybe we could all learn to put our minds where it should be.

Good luck to the Filipino Citizen. We, ladies and gentlemen, are living in a comical country.

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