Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yep, its four days before my birthday and I am so excited to celebrate my birthday. :D

I remember the times when I used to spend it alone. Im just so happy that its the second birthday that Im celebrating with Hon Hon. I dont know, it just feels so special and I know he's been making up for the no-shows for the past years. And hopefully, Im gonna spend all my birthdays with him. Yay!

Its Alex's Birthday tomorrow and since he'll be having his leave, we all surprised him with a cake this lunch. He even joked about his treat for us next Monday. He said that we should expect him serving "putok". Maam Kit even said that she'll be enjoying it so much. hehehe.


As for my birthday, I promised the team that I will order Monster Pizza on Wednesday since I'll be out on Tuesday. And since I dont usually make a fuss for my birthday because, heck, I should relax for my day, I would just be with him. And well, an Ultimate Buffet care of Dad's. heheh. :D

I so cant wait for Saturday. We will be meeting for the Book Fair at World Trade. And the venue is so huge so I will definitely enjoy it. In fairness, when I had that summer job at CITEM, we used to walk around the place and even go from shuttle to shuttle to PICC and Clamshells. I miss those days. I also wish that I didnt lose contact with them. Anyhow, its over I guess.


This is one of my lean days. Sometimes, I look for something worthwhile to do because I have no projects left. After the two new products, somehow, new programs havent been developed yet that I am only left with the site updating. Well at least, I am publishing most of my articles at our Company's Website.

Gotta go. I am outta my way already. I cant even think. Muah!

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