Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I have talked with my friend who is already based at USA. Says he's working while getting his diploma. I feel so proud of him because he manages to pursue his dreams by himself.

I remember BJ back when we were in high school. Him being the torpe guy I am very fond of. But then he would always think of himself so low that we didn't pursue something like being more than friends. I'm just so happy that now, he's finally realizing his goals in life and definitely had more self confidence than before. Back then, I felt that he is wasting his talents because he's really smart and all. And actually, he's one of the nicest guys I have known in my entire life.

I just hope he could find the person who would fit well with him. I know he deserves it. :D


Thanks to YM, I can talk to my friends overseas. Its like they've never left at all. Tatin even greeted me for my birthday already. Its so nice that someone who's far away was the first person who remembered my birthday. I am so touched, hehe.

And I am so thankful for the people who have like, never fails to remember. Yan, I already miss Xzeno tuloy. I'm getting sentimental already.


I have read Mabuhay Magazine this morning. Dad came home with it as a freebie during his flight. So nice, it made me realize my goal: to be a travel journalist or travel show host. Maybe someday, when I get the courage to leave this office, I will pursue my first love. But for now, I couldn't take any risks without making sure that my guns aren't ready yet. hehe.

Will meet Hon tonight. I can finally get my Sun Line at SMSL instead of going to Bicutan. And I have definitely nada choice but to use the SE phone. The attendant told us that their LG phones have been defective. Anyhow, I still have my Moto pa naman. At least its still working so great.


Hafta rush the ad Ive been doing. I just wanna leave the office early. Bye! :D

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