Friday, August 31, 2007

I am so early today. Since Mom will be having a seminar at Unilab with her nurse friends, I hitched with them until Crossing. It was fun because I saw Ninang Josie again and cracked jokes the whole trip. I so missed her. :D

So anyway, Dad said we'll be going to Tagaytay this Sunday. I guess we'll see my cousins at Cavite or something. Hon Hon wants to go with us but he has work that day. And he said that he couldn't take a leave because he promised that he will never be absent from now on. I'm not sure what his plans are or if the trip will push through. Anyhow, there's still tomorrow to decide.


Will meet at Edsa today. I am so itching to buy shoes. The continuous rains ruined good shoes and they needed to be replaced as soon as possible. Actually, I thought I could see one at MOA last night, but since we went there late, we didn't have that much time to look around. So sayang. But I finally got my Cosmo Mag! I am so psyched to read it. Maybe because of the fact that it is the September issue and one of the thickest edition there is. Even saw a photoshoot of Rufa Mae Quinto. But we didn't delve too much. She isn't really that worth of an effort.

Its Dude's birthday and he's on a leave right now. Maybe we'll all be complete on Monday to celebrate. Ate Che even said that we will be going out next Friday for a night out. I'm not just sure where we'll be going but she said that I could bring a boyfriend. Yay! I'm not just sure if I could drink because hell, I don't do so. haha. I know. I am boring most of the time. But I cant change the way I am. I don't enjoy drinking alcohol. And I am fine this way. :D

I believe I have a series of getaways for the week. Its so nice because I haven't had a real vacation for a long time. Gotta go plan. :D Later!

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