Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I've a splitting headache today. I barely had a continuous sleep last night. And because I stayed up late, and had to leave early, my mind is still blank and the only thing that keeps me sane is my morning coffee fix. Thanks to upstairs canteen, I am full already. :D

Had false hopes during the whole week. Thought I would cover the contract signing but turned out that only a number of people were going to BDO Office this Thursday and most of them are the officers. Hence, I wouldn't be able to go out too. Maam Kit just asked me to prepare guide questions, and write the article, WITHOUT being there. Sad. So sad.


Watched The Simpsons at Greenbelt last night. The movie was fun. I was so fond of Lisa and Maggie. I didn't appreciate Homer that much though he turned out to be the hero of Springville in the end. Maggie was a kick-ass baby. I also loved the part where Lisa and Colin saw each other through the dome but couldn't hear each other while Colin was playing Lisa's Song. Then Bart ruined her perfect moment but as comics and cartoons always do, the one being humiliated punches the bully. Of course, the movie made me laugh the whole night.

Have been ecstatic to see the new Cosmo issue. Because I love buying them, I indulged to one for this month again. Yes friends, I moved on from Candymag a year ago.

Hon promised to go back to school again and finish his degree. Am so proud of him. He will juggle school and work at the same time. Selfish as it may seem, maybe when he graduates, we could have a life of our own already. Though I know its still early for me to say that, and we have to really save up for our future, I know that we are slowly realizing our best-laid plans.

Last week, I told my Mom that I don't want a Mass Wedding. It doesn't necessarily define the "shining moment" of the bride. She said "Anung wedding gusto mo, yung kasing-garbo ng katulad ng Ate Grace niya?" Told her that I want a simple but elegant wedding. It don't really need to walk to the longest aisle like his sister, but I want it to be perfect. Something that couldn't be replaced by age or time. Something that everyone who attended will remember. Something I would treasure for the rest of my life.

Anu ba yun, school lang pinag-uusapan, nauwi na agad sa kasal. Yeah, I'm so weird.


I wonder what movies to watch next. Haven't seen the trailers much yesterday except Fred Clause, which would probably be out on December. Maybe Surf's Up. I'm not sure yet.

Have to go focus already. Pending work on the way.

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