Thursday, August 02, 2007

Officemates are so funny sometimes.

One day, Ria decided "hey, I think I should wear make-up today". So she asked Miss Ivy if she could do it for her because a: she's not that skilled about things like that and b: she can be messy if she does it herself. So after lunch, Miss Ivy did her make-up and made her a little more decent as before. But as she walked through the office, doing her daily stuff at work, officemate are either amused or asked where the heck is she going or what happened to her.

Is that fair? Huh? I'm just kidding. Theyre just impressed on how it made me the following: Sorry, may poll ito.

A. Chinita; B. Twenty Two; C. Someone who's wearing contacts; D. Teary-eyed; E. A Completely different person

I am so not wearing it again. Or something like that.


I feel so sleepy again. Maybe because of the turn of events last night. I kept on thinking some things. Things I dont want to see.

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