Friday, August 03, 2007

I am passing the information to all those are not subscribed to the 1jrn1 ygroup that Mr. Alexis Romero, Moderator-slash-magna cumm laude-slash-businessworld writer-slash-overachiever has posted his Press Release at the YGroup announcing a Kiddie Party at Jollibee for convenience and hassle-free purposes.

Kamusta naman si Ace at may Press Release pang nalalaman.

  • "I think the Jollibee kiddie party is cheaper, based on the assessment provided by our class president in his e-mail. We are assured of palatable food without hurting our pockets. And besides, among the options laid, it is in Jollibee that we spent more time together when we are still in the University of Santo Tomas," he said.
  • Romero noted that the fast food chain witnessed the way 1jrn1 members complained about professors, expressed happiness with their achievements and ranted about school works.
  • "There is a child in everyone. Let us try to revive it because the demands of our work give us little opportunity to do so," he said.
  • "Romero expects criticisms and even ridicules form his suggestion but he said the option is the most prudent as the 1jrn1 members are still beginning to earn money, being relatively new to the professional world."

Although to think about it, it was fun reading it. Sobrang nakakatawa na in a serious tone, he made us all say "anu daw?" That my friends, only on UST 1 Journ 1_2002 hehehe.

Hopefully, everyone would come. Lol. o_O


First Friday Mass again today. The last time I attended and sung at the First Friday Mass, I was shocked to have found out something mean that made me sick and all. Thank God all's well and ended well.

Am craving for isaw again. Let's try tonight shall we? heheh. :D

Have to go sing. Text me if needed.

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