Monday, August 06, 2007

After a weekend hiatus, I am finally back and fully rested. Thank God, but it was all ruined this Monday morning. Let's just say that five trains have already passed and still, I opted to ride the sardine-like train just so I wouldn't get late today. But alas, I arrived two minutes after the time-in limit. So sad but that shouldn't wreck my whole week right? Hopefully, I am right.

Was happy yesterday when Mom asked the whole family to go to SM. Apparently, she received a hefty sum and treated us all. Why am I excited by it? Because Mom doesn't usually shell out a thousand bucks and give it to you so you could shop anything. She even asked my to buy an expensive bag, but I didn't budge due to my “holdup” trauma last year. See, they took my whole bag, so if, knock on wood, it happens again, I don't really want some bad person to get an expensive bag or some sort. And besides, I told her that I do not want to flaunt anything just to present a status. That is so not me. I'd rather have a DV-made bag than a Sylvia Santos one. Oh well.


Have to look for something to wear this coming Saturday. My Mom, Hon's Mom and I will go to Tita Yoly's daughter's debut. And because we don't have a single idea about Paranaque, hence, Mom asked Ninang to go with us there. But unfortunately, we still have to go to Nova after the event. Maybe, I'm not sure. But I wanna go back to Divisoria again. I want to eat BBQ and isaw again. Hahaha. :D


Watched Ratatouille last Saturday. Warning, I am terrified of rats. And although it is an amusing movie. I find it rather disgusting when a flock of rats end up inside the kitchen. Believe me, I am always ready to barf.

Then yesterday, I continued watching “A Very Long Engagement”. Loser diba, ngayon ko lang pinanood.Actually, I have seen the movie thrice but this is my first time to actually finish it. You know why? I got sleepy with the English subtitle because the language was French. Oh well, anything for Audrey Tautou.

Oh well, I have to go now. My article's due today. Muah!

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