Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Uber toxic right now. Have been doing presentations for our newly-hired staff. They will be starting tomorrow, and I couldn't get a hold of myself right now because their training will be so vital and all. I just hate that I'm feeling sleepy right now.

Have plans on meeting Hon later. It'll be a movie night Tuesday, Apparently, my brother has been bragging last week about The Simpsons. Yes, while I'm stuck at Nova, he is having a grand time, watching movies. The perks of being a college student. Leaving her sister, suffering as Mom's sort of yaya. So today, I'm going to enjoy this night. I don't effing care if I go home late tonight. Weekends aren't fun anyway. Hence, I'd be timing out early today and meet him at Greenbelt.

People have stopped celebrating their birthdays already. My mom reprimanded me the other day because she thought I was making the birthdays and all my gimmicks up so I could escape doing chores at the house. I just reminded her that I wouldn't be going out that much anymore, the next birthday that I'm gonna go to is my own. Maam Kit and Miss Ivy are so excited for my birthday because its gonna be my first time to celebrate it here. And since its gonna be the start of the BER-month, we are also looking forward to Christmas Party AGAIN. I wonder what theme would it be next. Last year was a Pink Party, I couldn't wait for this December. Now I have to figure out how this August could get over immediately just for me to finally turn 22. :D

He says I'm gonna receive something huge. I said I'm gonna return it to him. He said we'll be fighting if I do return it. Goodluck to our relationship.


If I were still studying, I might be doing thesis by this time. I remembered our study about weblogs. How we were the first group to be tackling about it at UST. NIce huh? Pioneer study became flat ONE. I missed my thesismates. I actually missed my friends. And her too, even though we already parted ways. Memories of cramming are still fresh in my oh-so-forgetful mind. If you know what I mean, haha, I also missed Maam Rivera, who painstakingly make us read Focault, Oedipus Rex and watch Rashomod. I mean, who knows Rashomod better than Maam Rivera. huh? hehehe.

4Journ1 is love. Reunion anyone?


Have to blab somewhere else. More projects to go. Wish me luck! :D



reunion ba kamo?


hehehe. pwede. wala lang, nakakamiss lang ang journ.


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