Monday, July 30, 2007

Finished Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows last Saturday, at 10:22 pm.

The book was extremely superb.It only proves in every battle, good always trample the evil, and with flying colors at least. :D Okay, so I have been mourning that night to those characters who fought for their families and the yearning to make their world a better place. To Hedwig, Mad-Eyed Moody, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Fred Weasley, and Severus Snape. They will all be missed because they have been with Harry until the end. They have not died in vain, and their deaths made me appreciate their characters more. I definitely loved the story. I loved the happy ending. I loved how Harry and Ginny became husband and wife. I loved how the twists and a dozen questions formed inside my head and were answered with a much unexpected situation. I also loved how it kept me guessing in the end. Now I remembered what I answered at the answer sheet at Powerbooks the last time we went to Greenbelt, if Dumbledore is still alive or not. I answered yes, because it has been possible for Voldemort to live again. What a disappointment to know that he is really dead.

If I were to put more scenes in the movie version, I would probably spend more time on "A Flaw in the Plan". Dumbledore explained to Harry the reasons why Harry has to sacrifice his own life, as seen on the Pensieve. Or how Dumbledore told Harry everything he has to know about his death, how he would continue to battle Voldemort, how powerful Harry is and how Harry knows better than the Dark Lord.

I bawled into tears at the scene when Harry asked Dumbledore if their conversation was real or all an imagination. Especially when Dumbledore answered, "Of course Harry, its all in your head, BUT IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT ITS NOT REAL."

Sadly, the saga is finished, meaning I wouldn't rummage for copies of the book or have talks with friends about the upcoming book and all that. Well I guess, that is where the movies come out. And I will happily wait for movies 6 and 7. :D


Went to Greenbelt last Saturday to celebrate with Maam Kit, her family and friends. Most of the the officers in our office came by the reception. The food at Cyma was so sumptuous. I am still craving for the dessert. Hopefully, I could go there again.

Mom is weird. She is pushing me to take driving lessons. How in the world could that happen is she drags me to Nova every weekends? I am not even capable of having my own life, more so to take driving lessons? And in the event that I learned how to drive, will she allow me to take their new car? I guess not, I know I'll be stuck with the junk we've been driving since I was eleven.


Thank you for those who posted their comments regarding my last post, and how I tried to vent out my feelings. I know I'm just so mad that time for me to cause a huge deal out of a nobody. Its just that I couldn't take that sheer arrogance. I hope you could understand that. I know its intriguing. haha.

Also finished "Which Star Are You From" last night. Super sweetness galore. I could imagine myself being Hailin and Hon being Shengxi. Well, of course, Hon isn't a director, but still, Hailin and I were both writers and princesses in our own little ways. :D Watching the Korean version and having sleazy English subtitles ruined the story for me. Its the same as saying that you shouldn't speak in English when you don't really know what it means, or you don't really know how to correctly express it. Magtagalog ka nalang kasi, sakit sa ulo ginagawa mo dear. hahahaha. This also goes by saying na kung Writing ang forte mo, anung tawag mo sa writing ko, hobby? Hobby lang para ang pinagpaguran ko sa pag-aaral sa UST ng apat na taon. I think my fellow journ grads might have to agree with me on this one.

"wag mong sabihing magaling ka dahil ang pagsusulat, hindi yan nasa dugo lang, nasa pinag-aralan, nasa tamang practice, at nasa tamang katinuan. and communication isn't how you express your feelings alone, its how your readers could understand the words you're saying. Am I right or am I right?"

Yeah, I'm ranting in your face. Now its up to you kung tamaan ang matatamaan.


Deathly Hollows is the best in the series... I think you forgot one of the saddest death, Dobby. XD


hehe. yup. I forgot nga. though I put him up on my book review at my MUltiply site. :D


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