Friday, July 27, 2007

Now I am habitually posting before work, so I wouldn't be distracted the whole afternoon.

Anyhow, Kuya Bernard shifted from calling me "concert queen" to "Hermione". He said that I have been going to the office, holding the DH book without a care in the world. Also saw me reading althroughout lunch, even with the lights and airconditioners off.

Will go to Maam Kit's baby's Baptismal tomorrow. Most of the FC Officers will be there. Heck, I'd be seated with the big bosses. Sir JAAC will be there. Yikee. Not that I do not like him, just that he's dreamy and all, and after all, he is the BIG BOSS. I am just so intimidated by him. I remember yesterday during lunch, I was babbling with officemates and all when he suddenly popped out of the blue. I swear I would keep my mouth shut at times. haha. Hopefully, everything will turn out okay. Now I'm worried which dress to wear. Not formal, but not too casual. Hopefully, I could rummage and whip up something tonight.


Luckily, I prevented myself from getting sick. The moment Maam Kit learned that I was feeling a little queasy yesterday, she immediately asked me to take her oh-so-ready medicines. But the moment I got home, my bed already called for me. Ignoring the six missed calls that Hon has been doing for the past hours.


Will cover an event this Thursday for a tie-up with an uber huge company for a payment facility. Hint: near Podium. So nice. :D

Maam Kit told me that she has already seen the work of our hired Ad Agency for the new product to be launched. And she told me that they were beautiful. (Elizel, I think this is your baby, though I am not really allowed to say this first). She said that they grasped our idea, also having this apple and all at the layout. I was so proud and beaming to tell her that Elizel probably worked on it. Then she was relieved that we were having the same thoughts, that I just told her that "Shempre Maam Kit, UST rin po sya eh, and thats why we all think alike and have bright minds". Liz, if youre reading this, I am sooooo proud of you. :D

Have to go plan my bright future and world domination. Haha. I'm no Zafra. :D

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