Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm in the dumps today.

Apparently, this one person who I treated like a sister have been transferred to another department. It just feels so bad that they have given us a day's notice to sink into our minds that she will no longer be joining our team. I know, its just the other department, but I have established this bond with her and Ive already considered her as one of my friends. The mere fact that I wont be seeing her most of the time or even talk to her during lunch or breaktime makes me sad. Maybe I'll just hope she'd do good there at least.

I am halfway through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I refuse to read spoilers from the people who are already done with it. Hence, super babawi ako once I finish the book. I'm gonna write a five-pager review. Nyahaha. Like I could do that. (O_o)


I actually have loads to do right now, but my brain isn't like a well-oiled machine right now. Am currently sleepy and feeling (hopefully not) sick. I feel as if I'm in this different time zone and feeling a little jet lag. Ironic, but I haven't experienced one in my whole life, considering that I may have taken a lot of plane rides in my life, going back and forth to Iloilo and other places.

Some big shot creative designer praised me a while ago during our meeting. Apparently, I also have a beautiful mind (tag to Elizel, someone called me a beautiful mind too.). Since I couldn't in-my-effing-life draw something except a stick figure, he told me that being creative doesn't mean you know how to finish a portrait. He saw my scripts and told me to try being in the media circle or some sort. I shrugged and told him that I need more experience at that field and am gaining a whole lot of confidence first before I step out of the corporate world again.

...or maybe because I don't want to leave my boss without a replacement first. Or scared that I may not find someone who's like her, strict but giving, direct but amiable. Who would, in the right mind, ever consider having a good pay but backstabs you than an average one but makes you feel appreciated? Sometimes, things aren't that fair.


Have to go now. I'm kinda puffy right now. Blah-ness. :D

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