Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My early morning coffee fix is kinda ruining my tummy. I hope I could last a day without getting sick. On the contrary, I had a good start. Though I woke up really late because I tried to read THE BOOK and talk to Ninya at the same time last night, it prevented me to have the usual sleeping time that I was yearning for ages. You see, Hon already went back to work after a few weeks, so I thought I could already doze off early. But everytime I try, I just have to have this gazillion work to do, or a very precious book to read, or call someone just to vent out the latest happenings or whatsoever. But I'm not complaining, I just don't want to keep this as a habit or else, regret it after a few years time.

Hon says I found a new "key-ar-ai-es". I was blabbing yesterday about this girl whom I amusingly criticize. The way she looks, the way she speaks, the way she brags about her oh-so-perfect-life, and the way she thinks she better than anybody else, when in fact, she flat-out NOT. Imagine Paris Hilton after 50 years, dysfunctional and bed-ridden, well, they could be sisters of that sort. The only thing was, Paris Hilton I could still tolerate, but her, well only if she pleaded me to. Piece of advice, if you want to notch your level higher, try reading a dictionary, do not create your own version of vocabulary. It would only bring you humiliation, especially to those who would spend their time reading your strenuous "words". Or better yet, consult your professors. I think they might re-evaluate the points that they gave you for your class.

Well maybe after a while, I could write a book about that one.


Am currently designing a material for a new product, and at the same time, running an article inside my head. I could actually explode right now. I'm just thankful that one of my colleagues think I have the skills for it, or else, I would totally lose my brains out, hoping for a better outcome of work. Or I could charge them for the designs. Haha. I'm not greedy, its just lately, when all your efforts are appreciated but still you get the same treatment from anybody else makes me feel that I am worthy to be somewhere else. Someone who could offer me something huge. That I could work for another company so I could learn more than I know now. Just maybe. Wherever the wind blows me. :D

The other night, some neighbor told me the Aussie-based ex is planning to have a vacation here. I'm just pissed that some people still has the nerve to talk me about it. I mean, I have my own life now, and Ive gotten over the fact that he is this a*s-wipe, casanova who doesn't even respect someone his own kind. Nosy neighbors are always butting into someone else's business. Couldn't you ever forget him? That he left, and I have to stay here because I have a life here and maybe, just maybe, I was made for someone else? So jurassic. My gawd.

My friends, that is why a few years back, I decided to just be a loner, together with my books, and my sanity. But fortunately, Hon found me in my solace, and I am perfectly happy with it. And hopefully, this might be it.

Thankfully, I got everything back. May everything be a happily ever after despite all. :D

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