Tuesday, July 24, 2007

So now I finally had an escape to blog. Some fortunate and unfortunate things happened this week,

As one friend used the word "counterbitching", I may have whipped up something for myself too. This "whoever" asked me if I, or my friends have been sending threat mails or something at her accounts. Okay, how could that be fairly possible if I don't even have the luxury to blog for almost a week, or even write something decent these days? I cant even finish this particular book in one sitting anymore, but to spend my oh-so-precious time to send hate mails? I have a life. So please, spare me your suspicions.

Let me clarify that I am not this bitchy brat here. Not my nature, if you know what I mean.

But if I ever do have saviors again, thank you very much. Just shows that some people do still care for me.

In line with it, I could still remember the last time someone defended me. Someone I do not know. Up until now, he is still an anonymous person to me. You see he emailed the guy who hurted me and threatened him. Then apparently, the guy asked me to tell this "savior" to stop sending hate mails to his account. But really, I never knew him. The "savior" emailed me once but stopped after that. Not that I would really want to thank him for doing so, because I got the blame, but it only shows that some people are willing to be by your side when hell breaks loose.


I am currently lost in the world of Harry Potter. Hopefully, I could finish the book tonight or tomorrow morning. Even slept late just so I could finish at least four chapters. So tonight, I am yearning for zero-disruptions of some sort because I definitely wouldn't want to be left behind the people who are through with the Deathly Hallows book. Wish me luck. :D

Celebrated the Fourteenth Month last Saturday by buying the book. Nice huh? Anyhow, things are getting smoother these past few days. Though there may be uncertainties, mostly on my part, we are hopefully getting back in the nook. I remember my mom telling me that I shouldn't pick a fight with him most of the time. I know that she may have disapproved most of my beliefs but then, I know she cares about Hon and I. After all, Hon's mom and my mom established this loveteam back when we were three, so maybe they could at least sense a good feeling about us.


Was home alone last night (well, if you wouldn't count my lola, who has practically been invisible all night) and was the first time in months to do the usual stuff that Ive been doing when I have the house by myself. Though I am tempted to touch the PC to arrange my files, being the neat freak and all, I just went to grab my Charmed Series while having my long awaited hiatus. I miss those times at home. That's why I'm wishing that mom finally gets better.


Next Saturday would be the Christening of Maam Kit's Baby Joshua. I'm really excited. Just that I have witnessed the miracle that has grown from her tummy until she finally saw her baby. So weekend is a Greenbelt Saturday for me and yummy treats from Cyma. hahaha.

Have to go. Full blast article coming up. Hopefully, a byline would be next. Muah!

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