Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Okay, Ive been itching to post this..

Seen Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix last Saturday at IMAX 3D. Spoiler as I may seem, it was by far the best movie I've seen in my life. Probably because I have been a fan for years now and I have been reading the book from HP1 to the 6th. And seeing it on Imax, is a different experience because you could feel as if you could kiss the characters and even follow them in their adventure. :D

So to tell the whole experience, here goes:

Harry Potter at Imax is at its best because you are like in this different dimension and all. When everyone flies, you fly with them. When there are shattering pieces, it shatters in front of your eyes.

Even the characters are believable this time. I think after four movies, their amateur ways have been honed already. Daniel, Emma and Rupert are magnificent as always. They never fail to make you feel that with real friends around you, even the most impossible things could be possible. In addition to the team, Luna Lovegood was portrayed well. She is what you could say, dazzling. Though in the book, you could imagine her weirdness. The Dumbledore's Army was great. Harry was the HOTTEST teacher Ive ever seen. Haha. Oh and Dolores Umbridge is so nasty. I hated that she made Harry write lines with his blood. Or the other students, I mean. Fairly, Umbridge's character was very genuine. She has like teacups and cats which proves that she's this old maid and all.

The fight scene was the coolest of them all. Imagine me bawling into tears when Bellatrix Lestrange shot Sirius Black with Aveda Kedavra and when Lord Voldemort tried to possess Harry and tried to prove that he is this weakling. But as flashing memories came to him, well, Voldemort went wrong. The effects with the prophecy, Death Eaters and the falling shards of glasses were highlighted with 3D so you feel as if they were falling within reach. Maybe the hardest of all was when I was crying and I had to see through the 3D glasses, so I wouldn't miss the remaining scenes. Hahaha.

Well, if you have read the Harry Potter Books, well, you'd get a teeny-bit disappointed that some of the scenes are not really portrayed, or the wrong characters said the wrong lines, Cho Chang to be exact. Or maybe they just wanted to hate Cho so Ginny and Harry would we supported at Movie 6. Even Draco Malfroy came out at least 2 or 3 times at the whole movie. Kinda tricky isnt it? But Yates gave a magnificent translation of the book as it started to like an indie-film or some sort. I saw the loneliness of the surrounding and I appreciated the movie.

I think I would definitely cry at the 6th and 7th movie.

There goes my Imax and Harry Potter experience. Try it too. So fun. :D

BTW, again, thanks Hon for making these possible. Muah!

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