Sunday, August 12, 2007

Aloha! Just went to blog for a few minutes then try to sleep in a while...

Was so ecstatic yesterday because its the first time in a long time that Hon and I made our moms meet again. Because yesterday was Queenie's debut, went to meet at Multi and decided to go to Tita Yoly's house because we don't really know where the venue is.

South Bay Gardens was so superb. The houses are way too huge for me to express them. You see, at Guada, the huge houses just came in few years ago. Sometimes, I think my mom started it too. because she has always wanted a Victorian house and all that sort. She actually coordinated with the architect so she got the design she wanted for our house. Maybe someday, I could plan my house too. Hon said he wanted to have a movie room. As for me, I want to have an indoor pool. Gotcha! I'm only dreaming. Well, if God permits me to have my dream house in five years, then Id be so grateful.

Okay, so the debut went well last night. The debutante was dazzling. Her friends from high school are not so courteous. Some even looked like brats. Surprisingly, her college friends didn't seem to be so stucked-up people. Some of them were actually nice. Surprisingly. haha. Just guess where school they came from, noticing my point here. :D

I remembered my own debut. I was only waiting for one person to come. Sadly, he didn't. Though I never let him forget how disappointed I was.

...So now, he said that he'd make up for the last dance when we get married. (*blushes*) I so love you Hon Hon. :D


Went to Nova this morning. Mom is so worried of her pets at our other house. Kamusta naman yun. This afternoon, after a dozen rounds of videoke, we decided to go to SM Fairview (again). I don't know, I might have sensed that I could buy my perfect pair of jeans today. Surprisingly, I did. So cute.

Speaking of kawaii, I saw this pink trash bin at the mall today. Since I am so fond of the color, and its print, some part of me wanted to grab it and head for the nearest cashier there is.

...Well I might have been too impulsive if I decided not to look at its bottom...

Yes, I decided then and there to just drop the thing off and let it go. Maybe I can have a pink trash can someday, but not as hefty as this one. No way! I'm not like my dad who tells my mom that an 800-dollar phone is cheap. Nonetheless, I wouldn't even dream of buying a new fone especially when my two phones work so perfectly well.

..Well, unless someone bothers to donate that hot pink phone Ive been eyeing for months, then maybe I could reconsider. That reminds me, I'll be posting my wishlist in a few days. Not that I would like to get ALL of them and make me hog all the nice things in the world, but I'd like to picture the stuff I want so I could have a list on the material and immaterial things I wanna achieve while I am still young.

I can recall one of my neighbor's predicting that I wouldn't graduate and marry at a young age. Well look at me now! Eat your words people! hahaha.

Gotta sleep, bed is calling me already. muah! Night peeps! :D

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