Friday, August 10, 2007

Contrary to my earlier post, hindi pa naman ako ganun ka-mean girl. May takot pa naman ako kay Lord, BIG TIME. I remember everytime Hon and I would go to Quiapo to buy DVDs and stuff, never did we miss going to church to thank Him for the blessings we have received and to make our relationship stronger. Really, kahit hindi ganun kahalata, religious pa rin ako. I never fail to go to church or even visit for a while.

The picture above is our parish. Sobrang namiss ko siya since Ive been at Guada every Sunday. This afternoon, I promised to visit one of my friends. I thought, instead of going to an individual, why not nourish my spirit with peacefulness and all. Thriving to seek guidance, I headed to our church to solemnly pray and say sorry for my failures.

Gratefully, it somehow worked. I feel so light today. Just what I needed to get through the following week. :D


Our newbies Irish, Clemen, Cathy and Nikki finally went to work last Wednesday. Theyre nice naman. Buo na nga daw yung CCD, finally, I feel that were finally a department. Hope to have a super working relationship with them. :D

Its finally a weekend. Tomorrow, were gonna party. But for now, I have to go through my KRA for my Performance Appraisal. How could I get a raise if I dont finish that ayt? hehe.

Gotta gotta gotta go again. Muah!

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