Friday, August 10, 2007

The sun finally shone today. But although the storm has already passed, there are still flooded areas all over Metro Manila. Thank God for bright skies. I so love feeling the sun on my skin. And thank God its finally the end of the week.

We'll be going to a debut tomorrow. Tita Yoly's daughter's coming out party is somewhere at Sucat or something. And because we havent had a single idea where it exactly, Mom and I will be coming with Hon and his Mom. And I am so psyched to see him tomorrow. I have been so waiting for Saturday. :D Plus we'll just go to Nova on Sunday and be back that same night. I think I might be crawling to bed that night.

Someone claimed that I am envious of her. Kamusta naman yun. Little girl, you are so naïve. Next time, just shut your mouth up . I am not an inch wishing to be like you. Neither am I compelled to be so in love with your personality. Give me a break, will you? Just keep your opinions to your damn self.

Jen was laughing at me earlier. She said na “Kayong mga nasa CCD, mukha kayong mga mahinhin at maliliit, pero pag nang-away kayo, sobrang aggressive.” I dont know, I just fight when I know I am in the right side. Though I am biased at such times, but I just dont want people to ruin my oh-so-perfect world. And FYI, I dont make up stories. Mukha mo baka imaginary. Dear, hating me wont make you pretty.

Teka, tama na nga ang mga issue about her. I dont wanna ruin my Friday.

Anyhow, I wanna meet some friends. If I get lucky today, I might swing by bezzie's house. Its been too long since weve last seen each other. Too bad she isnt answering my call a while ago. Oh well.

Gotta go cram for something right now. I just looked for updates. :D

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