Monday, August 13, 2007

Our office installed WiFi connections already. And it sucks, really. I have to log in a dozen times just so I could get to MSN without having to sign in everytime the connection fails. And my work is getting so delayed because of it. I am so pissed. Just put my cable back so I wouldn't whine anymore. Argh.

Its Monday once again. Though still in denial because I always want it to be Friday. Good thing the week passes by so fast you wont notice its the end of the week already. And I am 21 days due before my birthday. The Birthday that everyone's getting so excited about. Aww, now I'm not the youngest employee here. Beats being so special. hahaha.


I wanna go to the Sistine Chapel. I don't know, since we've seen the Angels and Demons Special Picture Book, I wanted to go to the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican, see the obelisks and all the images that were portrayed in the book. As of this time, the only magnificent church I can proudly say Ive been to is the Miag-Ao at Iloilo. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the beautifully-built churches around the globe. I am so proud to be from Iloilo. Waah! I miss my cousins. I also miss my cousins at Canada.

I took that picture almost five years ago. It just feels so great that you have visited parts of the Philippines and making the most of every trip. Next stop, Bora. Mom finally agreed for me to travel. I remember way back during college, the farthest trip I went to with my friends is at Subic. And I have to call them once in a while just to make sure I was safe.

Try living with my parents. haha. But they never let us fail to have a vacation somewhere. We were never deprived to go to different places. I just hope I could be just like my dad, who have marked every single country there is on our World Map at home. I remember telling him to bring me at least one native doll in every country he's been. Well he did, the only problem is, he bought me Barbie dolls instead. Yeah, my Dad's so hopeless sometimes.


Negros Navigation's having a 75-peso sea-fare ticket. The big catch? well, you have to wait for at least a day to get to your destination. Now if I could only take a leave, it might be a good idea. But then, I just couldn't. Oh well. I am promising myself this summer. I really really do. :D

Hafta go. Something's telling me that I should focus now. Someday, I would travel the world, I don't mind backpacking through most of them, but I would definitely fulfill my dream. And to WRITE about those places is so heavenly. (=^-^=)

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